Get quality healthcare virtually! As a result of COVID-19, you can now get healthy from the comfort of your own home! We offer HIPAA-compliant video consultations through our Patient Portal.

How it works

How it works

Telemedicine offers the same level of care, attention, and confidentiality as you would receive from visiting our offices from the comfort of your home. Our providers will have all of your information readily available (such as your supplement/medication list and test results). Before your appointment, our office will send you a link for your appointment using our HIPAA compliant secure video network.

Illuminating your path to health begins here.

We’d like to invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss individual needs and how we can support your journey.

Free Consultation
Top Services Include


We take an Integrative approach to healthcare that illuminate solutions for having the life you deserve. We offer treatment options for the whole family. From Pain Management to Nutrition, discover an individualized approach to your medical care.

Top Services Include:
  • Digestive Health
  • Homeopathy
  • Pediatrics
  • Fertility and Family Planning
  • Naturopathic Care


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If you are unsure which appointment to schedule, please contact our office.


First-time visits typically last about 75 minutes. This extended appointment ensures we have sufficient time to get to know you and cover everything fully.


A 30-minute follow-up appointment is generally used to check in on any changes or concerns from a previous appointment. In addition, we may discuss lab work and make recommendations based on how you are currently feeling.


A 60-minute follow-up is recommended for covering any lab work results and to address any questions or concerns. During this time, we will also create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Membership Plans

Get more value out of your dollar with our Membership Plan! Membership Plans are offered to our established clients only. Any additional follow up visits outside of the set plan will be at the usual rates.

Wellness Plan


for 60 minute follow up visit

This plan is great for those who have completed a customized health program and are looking for maintenance visits. If you feel healthy and want to stay healthy, this package is for you.

4 visits a year
$200 billed every quarter

Magic Plan


for 60 minute follow up visit

This membership plan is perfect for beginners who are looking for more structure and support. It’s easy to continue progress with monthly check-ins.

12 visits a year
$190 billed every month

Enthusiast Plan


for 60 minute follow up visit

When only the best will do, the Health Enthusiast plan is for you. Designed to allow for weekly follow ups, this plan is great for stress management health coaching or those whose treatment plan requires ongoing changes and monitoring.

48 visits a year
$720 billed every month