The body has a natural ability to heal itself, called vis medicatrix naturae. Many conditions do not need any medicine. Often all the body needs is time to rest, proper nutrition, and other building blocks to get better. Nowadays, we are always on the go, stressed, eating poorly, sleeping less, and focusing too little on ourselves. This creates obstacles that make it more difficult for the body to self-heal.

Homeopathy is a type of medicine that is neither a drug nor a supplement but more a message. The remedy alerts the body to a problem that it has not addressed and allows the self-healing function to kick in. In this way, it can be very powerful in treating many conditions, especially ones that are stubborn or have been suppressed by pharmaceuticals.

Homeopathy excels in many areas, especially in children, acute illnesses, and mental/emotional concerns.

  • Children are continually growing, meaning they are constantly in a state of fixing themselves. If there is any concern, homeopathy can support a child’s healing process very quickly. Homeopathy is also very safe and very effective for newborns.
  • The symptoms of acute illnesses are your body reacting to the pathogen. Homeopathics can help the immune system fight off the pathogen more effectively, letting the symptoms calm down.
  • There are many reasons why someone may have mental/emotional concerns, such as anxiety, depression, etc. Those reasons may be due to past emotional trauma, repressing emotions, or not effectively dealing with stress. Homeopathy can help your body respond better to the subconscious allowing the body to heal.

Common conditions often treated with homeopathy:

  • 1Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental/emotional concerns
  • 4Arthritis and other pain conditions
  • 2Acute conditions (cold, flu, allergies, etc.)
  • 5Skin conditions
  • 3Insomnia
  • 6and much more

Homeopathy is a very specific, individualized type of therapy that requires a thorough analysis of your symptoms. Detailed paperwork is filled out initially. Then, at your appointment, you’ll spend the visit going through very detailed questioning. This allows us to ensure that you receive the correct remedy and feel better as soon as possible.