Botanical medicine is a great way to use herbs to help improve your symptoms. Herbs can even be a replacement for many medications. All pharmaceuticals have an active ingredient that affects the body, essentially turning something on or off. This is what makes drugs so effective in their treatment but also what creates potential side effects. The body works through pathways with many molecules having more than one function. For this reason, if you turn one thing off, you may be affecting much more than you would like.

Many drugs came from one thing, herbs. Herbs are plants that have shown medicinal value in both traditional and modern medicine. Herbs work similarly to pharmaceutics, but they have different ingredients that balance out the effects. This wholesome approach allows a process to become more regulated instead of being entirely turned on or off. Most botanicals are also used in a formula, mixing other herbs to make a full-body and balanced treatment.

At Sol and Serenity Integrative Medicine, we always take an individualized approach, and botanical medicine allows us to do that. We use various companies offering a wide range of herbal supplements and ingredients. Because of this, we will always utilize a blend of herbs specific to you and your condition.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine can be used for many conditions, including:

  • 1Mental/Emotional (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.)
  • 5Acute illness
  • 2Insomnia
  • 6Detox support
  • 3Digestive symptoms
  • 7Hormone balancing (menopause, male and female libido, etc.)
  • 4Skin conditions (eczema, rashes, infections, etc.)
  • 8Fertility support